Services and Support

What we do? 

We hold group meetings, which are held twice monthly. They include our Memory Lane Cafe, Member Meetings and our Walking Group. They are facilitated by members of DREAM and are supported by relevant health professionals for people with dementia who share their experiences, support each other and discuss their views in improving the services for people, with dementia. Meetings also have a social and activity based focus in the local community. Our desire is that our some members will find support from within the group and feel inspired to make their contribution to local and national strategy through mechanisms such as presentations at national and local conferences. 


Our Goals:

  1. Clear pathways for all, starting at diagnosis
  2. Regular reviews as needs change
  3. Local support group for all
  4. Good networks linking groups of people with dementia to each other
  5. Better services for people in outlying areas
  6. Full information available automatically after diagnosis
  7. Leisure opportunities available to all who want them
  8. A role in care planning on terms we can understand
  9. Opportunities to influence design features in the places we use


Our Values:

  1. To honour and respect each other
  2. Treat each other with dignity and respect as we would like to be treated
  3. To be non-judgemental open to all views
  4. Encourage growth in ourselves and others
  5. Work in partnership with a wide range of services both statutory, voluntary and private
  6. To be innovative in ways of improving the lives of people with dementia
  7. To provide companionship to one another and to all those with whom we get involved with
  8. To be open, accountable and transparent in all our dealings


Steps to become a member: 

  The experience, from similar groups internationally, has been that the motivation for newer members tends to be finding out more about their illness and diagnosis, sharing experience, emotional support and a little curiosity around what D.R.E.A.M. is about. More experienced members tend to become models for newer members, ensuring succession. Research has proven that involvement in dementia groups like DREAM has had a dramatic effect on them as they rebuild their self-confidence, take on new roles, develop new skills and benefit from a sense of belonging in D.R.E.A.M.